Wardrobe Essentials: The Navy Blazer

At Nicholas Jermyn, we truly believe that the right kind of navy blazer is an absolute must-have in a gentleman’s life. Beware though, not only would this garment work exceptionally well with most of your clothes, it'll make you want to expand your current wardrobe.

You simply can’t go wrong with a good soft-shouldered navy blazer with patch pockets. It is one of those essential items in a wardrobe that allows one to seamlessly combine different pieces of clothing and elevate even the most casual look to an appropriate level of dressiness.


How to wear it

If you are aiming to create the best Smart Casual look, wear it with either beige, mid-blue, moss green or khaki chinos, soft cotton button-down shirts and a fancy cardigan. The blazer would work its magic, linking all the items of your outfit together, making you look like a style pro.
For more formal occasions, wear your blazer with smart wool trousers in either grey or brown, cutaway collar shirts, smart leather shoes and good quality ties.
Even the most casually looking outfit - a plain round neck t-shirt, simple classic jeans and a pair of white sneakers - would look smart and sophisticated once accompanied by a good navy blazer.


How to pick the right one

But what makes a good navy blazer? And how do you choose the right one? These days, with options being near countless, we urge you to follow the traditional way - look for a good fabric and a quality make. Yes, you pay more, but, as typical as it sounds, it's worth it.
Depending on the season and the occasion the fabric of choice could be either fine wool, cotton or linen. As for the construction, you’ll be able to find styles with a well-structured shoulder, soft ‘Italian’ shoulder, or without padding at all. 


Nicholas Jermyn style advice

There are no strict rules or guidelines on how your navy blazer is supposed to look. But we would like to encourage you to choose a style of blazer that we consider the most appealing: 

Soft shoulder padding. It mustn’t be too constricting, but a good shape is important.

• Some structure in construction. Both half-lined and fully-lined versions are the right choice. 

• Thin, good quality wool. This option is great for all-year-round wear.

• Plain fabric. It is preferable to be versatile. With that said, there is nothing wrong with the fabric having a bit of texture. Hopsack, for instance, would be a good choice as this fabric looks quite interesting without being too bold.

• Patch pockets. This element would bring a certain level of casualness into the mix, making the blazer look different to a suit jacket.

• Slightly shorter length. Again, its aim is to be a bit different compared to the formal look of a suit jacket.

• Elbow patches. This detail would add a bit of character and ruggedness to an otherwise refined look.

• Contrasting buttons. A touch of personality never hurt. A natural horn option in various colour ways would be our preference here.


For more advice on just the right navy blazer for your wardrobe, talk to the style experts at Nicholas Jermyn.


Image credits / hespokestyle.com