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Off the Cuff: With Christo Swanepoel

In this Off the Cuff feature we chat to one of NZ’s industry experts and gain knowledge and insight into key trends in the Digital Marketing space. Meet Christo Swanepoel, Marketing Director from Moustache Republic. Please introduce yourself? My name is Christo (@christoswanepoels on IG). I am heavily involved in Marketing eCommerce businesses and have been involved in the marketing industry for a number of years now. My speciality is in Social Media and have been voted as an elite Facebook Marketer. I will be heading to their HQ in June to look at new product developments, give some user consulting on what we would like to see for the platform and check out their offices.   Describe a typical day...

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How to make your suit last

Cleaning, storage, and considerationOur simple suit care guidelinesWhether you wear one to work every day, or only bring it out for weddings and funerals, a suit should make you look polished and put together. It should fit you perfectly and hang beautifully. It should look crisp and fresh – not creased and misshapen.Part of this comes from investing in a great suit in the first place, so it can last a lifetime. If you choose a suit that is well designed, properly constructed, and made of high-quality materials, it should help you look the part for years to come.But choosing the right suit is not the only factor. Taking care of your investment is also essential. You can keep your...

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The Double Cuff Shirt vs. The Single Cuff Shirt

Nowadays, the classic menswear rules are not as strict as they were a few decades ago. Still, even in our frivolous day and age, choosing the right kind of shirt for the right occasion is a skill every gentleman must acquire. Otherwise, we are sorry to admit that he wouldn’t be a gentleman, but instead just a guy in a wrong shirt. To avoid this unfortunate circumstance, one needs to know a thing of two about fabrication, cut, and, above all, the style of the shirt one is about to put on. And what is one of the important parts of a shirt’s style? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, its the cuff. There are a few different kinds of shirt...

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Quality over quantity – building your work wardrobe

Rightly or wrongly, the way you dress at work sends a message about who you are. Colleagues, clients, and superiors make constant, mostly unconscious, judgements based on the way you present yourself. Even if you’re a dedicated, hard-working professional; cheap, ill-fitting, or poorly maintained clothing can make you and careless. Being taken seriously at the office is about looking the part. Of course, what’s appropriate depends on your industry- in some fields, the right pair of jeans and a trendy t-shirt will take you further than a classic suit. But in many cases, quality cut and style reign supreme. Even if you’re on a budget, it is always better to invest in a few higher quality pieces, rather than several...

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Our guide to the world of online shopping

Now that most retailers have an online presence, it’s easier than ever to purchase everything you need without leaving the comfort of home. However, online shopping has downsides as well – particularly when it comes to apparel. Because you can’t try on items of clothing or even touch them online, it can be difficult to judge the fit, fabric, and craftsmanship of a garment. This can result in wasting time and money on ill-fitting or low-quality items. Our online shopping guide is designed to help you avoid these issues and get the best possible results every time. 1: Sizes and measurements When you’re shopping online, it’s essential to check the size chart for every item. Different countries, different brands, and...

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