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4 Ways To Knot Your Tie

The Simple, or Oriental For your everyday look, this stays tidy and is fast to achieve. The smaller knot leaves more length, so works especially well for tall men or those with thicker necks. • With the backside of the tie facing out, loop the wide end of the tie under the narrow end and back across. • Pull the wide end through, then over the neck loop • Thread through the middle loop and pull to tighten        The Four-in-Hand Slim-line and asymmetrical, the Four-in-Hand works well with button-down shirts. The longer knot looks good on everyone, but works especially well at offsetting shorter necks. • Take the wide end and fully encircle the narrow end – cross...

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Dressing for your personal brand

Creating the best first impression Clothes may seem a frivolous thing to consider, but the truth is, the right wardrobe can affect your outlook, and perhaps more importantly, the way others see you. Once a first impression is formed, it rarely changes. That means whether you are in sitting in an office chair or on a bar stool clothes that contribute to your personal brand will create the best, most memorable first impression. Here’s how. Defining your personal brand Send the right messageBegin by deciding just what that first impression should be. For instance, the personal brand of a fashion designer will be different from that of a builder. If you are in the fashion industry, you’ll be fully aware...

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