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Dressing for your personal brand

Creating the best first impression Clothes may seem a frivolous thing to consider, but the truth is, the right wardrobe can affect your outlook, and perhaps more importantly, the way others see you. Once a first impression is formed, it rarely changes. That means whether you are in sitting in an office chair or on a bar stool clothes that contribute to your personal brand will create the best, most memorable first impression. Here’s how. Defining your personal brand Send the right messageBegin by deciding just what that first impression should be. For instance, the personal brand of a fashion designer will be different from that of a builder. If you are in the fashion industry, you’ll be fully aware...

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Wardrobe Essentials: The Navy Blazer

At Nicholas Jermyn, we truly believe that the right kind of navy blazer is an absolute must-have in a gentleman’s life. Beware though, not only would this garment work exceptionally well with most of your clothes, it'll make you want to expand your current wardrobe. You simply can’t go wrong with a good soft-shouldered navy blazer with patch pockets. It is one of those essential items in a wardrobe that allows one to seamlessly combine different pieces of clothing and elevate even the most casual look to an appropriate level of dressiness.   How to wear it If you are aiming to create the best Smart Casual look, wear it with either beige, mid-blue, moss green or khaki chinos, soft...

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