Shirt Care

With the right care, you will be able to maintain the comfortable, luxurious feel of our 100% cotton shirts. Here are a few laundering and ironing tips to ensure you get the best from your shirts.

Washing and ironing your shirts

Laundering your shirt

Wash your shirt in cold water only, with like colours using a good quality detergent.

Remove your shirt from the machine as soon as possible, and hang on a wooden coat hanger while still wet. This will ensure most of the creases fall out while drying.

Never tumble dry your shirt as this is likely to cause shrinkage.


Ironing your shirt

  1. Fill your iron with water and start with a slightly-damp shirt, ideally, as the best finish requires steam.
  2. Check your ironing board cover is still thick and pliant. It’s important to replace this regularly.
  3. After setting the iron to high, begin by fitting the yoke over the end of the ironing board and ironing smooth.
  4. Next, iron the inside of the shirt cuffs and up the tabs of the sleeves.
  5. Mist water onto the collar, stretch taut, then iron each side, first the underside, then the front.
  6. Stretch out the sleeve and iron from shoulder to cuff, the outside of the sleeve first, then the inside. Repeat with the other sleeve.
  7. Fit the shirt smoothly over the end of the ironing board to press the back panel and side seams.
  8. Repeat with the front of the shirt – starting with the left front panel, then right. Iron around the buttons to avoid any heat damage.
  9. Hang with top button done up to hold in place.