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17 Essentials for your Minamalist Wardobe

An endless amount of clothes in the wardrobe, but nothing to wear? It seems like an overwhelming task these days to pick out an outfit that fits properly, looks good, and is in decent condition.There is no disadvantage in investing in quality, essential items that can be worn again and again. Most of these items are easily acquired, and once you have them in your wardrobe, you will never need to shop again.

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One Shirt Two Ways

Fashion stylist Vlad Tichen shares his knowledge on how to style a few of our most popular Nicholas Jermyn shirts. Expanding sartorial horizons is what I do for a living. That’s why I love this One Shirt Two Ways collaboration I’m currently working on with shirtmaker pros, Nicholas Jermyn.   The idea for this project is strikingly simple. Every month I receive one cool Nicholas Jermyn shirt. The challenge is to incorporate each of those shirts into both Formal and Smart Casual outfits. So far I've received five beautiful shirts and now would like to share my thoughts on how to style them.

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Dressing for your personal brand

Clothes may seem a frivolous thing to consider, but the truth is, the right wardrobe can affect your outlook, and perhaps more importantly, the way others see you. Once a first impression is formed, it rarely changes. That means whether you are in sitting in an office chair or on a bar stool clothes that contribute to your personal brand will create the best, most memorable first impression. Here’s how.

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