Spring / Summer Groom Style Guide

Wedding season is about to take flight and if you’re a groom now’s the time to curate your special day look.
There is plenty to consider, from creating a sharp silhouette, through to choosing quality, refined fabrics with superior tailoring for a sophisticated, modern style that’s memorable for all the right reasons.


4 Key Points to Consider

Quality: Quality is key in all your style choices: quality of tailoring, colour and fabric choice, accessories, and pulling the final look together.  Look for tailored or slim fitting suits and well made leather belts and shoes that will complete your wedding look.

Details: You now know that you’re having a spring or summer wedding, it’s a matter of fine tuning the details to work into the season in terms of fabric choices, tie vs. no tie, jacket vs. waistcoat or no jacket.

Comfort vs. Style: Comfort and style are equally important. Many suits are made of wool so may not be appropriate for the heat of summer, particularly for weddings that start in the middle of the day.

Photo ready: A wedding day is a long one and you may need to be looking your best for up to 12 hours. And as the star of the show, it won’t just be the official photographer snapping your photo, so creating a look that will last both the day and stand the test of time in photos, can guide your choice. Google search ‘80s weddings to find out what not to do! Our top style tip for summer wedding party photos is ditch the sunglasses.

Here are some of our favourite wedding styles to kickstart your thinking.


The Formal Groom

To express timeless elegance, the classic suit, tie and white shirt is ideal. Pair a darker suit, in black, charcoal, grey, navy or blue with a luxury fine thread cotton white shirt.

Distinctive details can be carried through into a tie choice, waistband, socks, cufflinks, pocket squares (although many grooms discard the pocket square in favour of a boutonnière (button hole)) and a classic leather shoe.

Ensure you know your wedding colour palette before choosing your attire details - and whether you want to match colour details with your bride or groom, and groomsmen.

The most formal choice is Black Tie, which can also be a wedding dress code stipulation, not only for the groom.
Black Tie is not typical for the more casual New Zealand wedding, but to achieve this very formal look, wear a black, white, dark colour tuxedo in traditional or velvet fabric, black or white bow tie, white tuxedo shirt with black or white buttons, cufflinks, an optional cummerbund and patent leather shoes.

Non-traditional variations of Black Tie are popular, with options including a light tan tuxedo paired with a black tie, dark velvet dinner jackets in brown, blue and black, or with black satin or silk dinner jacket or tuxedo lapel facings. And of course, bow ties in geometric, stripe, polka dot or floral print.


The Creative Groom

Start with the classic style and build from there by pairing a black or navy suit jacket with a grey pant. Or replace the white shirt with a coloured option to encapsulate summer vibes (within your wedding colour palette, of course).

A striking look can be achieved by wearing a dark three-piece suit without a tie and the top button undone with the waistcoat of the same colour as the suit to create a striking feature. This style statement suits the casual man who prefers no tie and is comfortable for all day wear in summer.

Add a striking dash of colour with a creative tie, or replace a necktie with a bow tie adding charm and character. Details such as stripes, florals and texture bring personality to an otherwise formal look.

The Smart-Casual Groom

Neither summer nor a beach wedding need to dictate your style choice, but it does extend the boundaries to include everything from much paler, finer weave fabrics, linen suits, tan suits, or ditching the suit altogether and opting for chinos and a blazer, or chinos and a quality shirt.

With summer being typically hot or humid, removing the jacket maybe be a necessity, so consider a bow tie and braces for a quirky, styled look without being overheated wearing a jacket or waistcoat. In this look, complete the look by choosing a quality shirt.
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Choosing the Shirts

At Nicholas Jermyn we specialise in shirt tailoring with our collection of durable, timeless, formal shirts made from finest quality cottons and our signature attention to luxury detailing. This makes our shirts a classic and sophisticated choice for spring and summer weddings, with premium fabrication and durable finishing suited to the warmer season.

Tailoring details and customisation -

At Nicholas Jermyn, our classic shirt collection offers variety to suit all body shapes:

•  Multiple sizes in the same shirt. Choose from: Slim Fit, Super Slim, Classic

•  Multiple colour options: traditional white for a classic look through to colours for casual attire

•  Single cuff and double cuff options for people adding personality using cufflinks See: The Double Cuff Shirt vs. The Single Cuff Shirt

A bespoke customisation service for people with less typical body shapes or those wanting a truly unique shirt, with:

•  A choice of fabrics
•  A choice of collar styles
•  Single or double cuff options
•  Adding contrast collar and/or cuffs
•  Embroidery or monograms on cuff or between 5th and 6th button placed to the left or right
•  Choice of button colours and button stitching in matching or complementary colours
•  The option to add a pocket

To look your absolute best, we also offer a styling service with our head stylist Vlad Tichen. Contact us to book

Ultimately, there is no limit to wedding attire possibilities and we’re here to help you create your perfect look. From fabrics, accessories and styling you can push the boundaries as much or as little as you wish.

The most important factor in curating your wedding attire is you must be you. This day is all about celebrating your love for your partner, and all eyes will be on you, all day. So articulating who you are is important. Again, it’s all about being both comfortable and stylish.
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Image credits / hespokestyle.com, stylemepretty.com, permanent style.com