Repurposing your wedding attire

Getting married is not just a major decision in your life, it can also be an expensive one. Clever choices about your wedding attire can ensure you look sharp on your wedding day, while also leaving you with clothes that can extend your everyday wardrobe.

Below, Nicholas Jermyn stylist Vlad Tichen outlines some smart wedding choices and how to wear them after the big event.



Dark suit

A well-fitting, quality dark suit is appropriate on almost any occasion, making it an extremely smart option to wear at your wedding.

Most dark suits are classically designed and made out of plain wool. The colour choice here is quite conservative - black, dark blue, or grey. All these options are considered the most versatile, and could be easily worn to either a special occasion event or a business meeting.

Wear it again

Repurpose this suit for a corporate environment, with a dressy blue shirt, a patterned navy tie and a pair of smart black leather shoes. For special occasions, combine it with a crisp white shirt, a plain black tie and a pair of formal shoes.



A blazer and some trousers made from different fabrics make for a more informal outfit – ideal for beach weddings, garden affairs and other casual settings. This could be a good option for those who prefer a more relaxed approach. The key is to choose fabrics and styles that complement each other.

Wear it again

This wedding outfit is extremely versatile – dress the elements up for a business look, or down for smart weekend casual. Try wearing your wedding blazer with a white tailored shirt, smart navy jeans and brown suede loafers to a nice restaurant dinner.  How and where you re-wear your wedding trousers depends on their colour and style. If you choose a smart pair of chinos you can add them to your Casual Friday outfit.  If the trousers are on the dressier side, consider wearing them with a navy blazer, a light plain or finely patterned shirt in either white or blue and a pair of brown derby shoes.


Summer suit

For hot midday weddings, a light and breezy summer suit looks elegant and keeps you feeling cool and collected.  A smart choice would be to wear a breathable suit and not a dark three piece. Thin wool, cotton, linen, light colours and minimum construction - this suit provides an informal look and would be appropriate during the summer period.

Wear it again

Your best chance of wearing your suit again is to turn it into separates. Try throwing the jacket on over a well cut white t-shirt, with contrasting trousers and a pair of espadrilles – perfect for an afternoon barbeque. Wear the trousers with a linen shirt with rolled sleeves, leather slippers and a pair of good sunglasses for a day out on the boat, or for sipping wine at an outdoor restaurant table.



This is the most formal of the looks, and by far the least versatile. There’s very little room for personal style in a tuxedo. Expect to wear a double-cuff shirt with marcello front, a bow tie, satin lapels, buttons on the jacket and side trim details on the trousers.

(Don’t) wear it again

There are few elements in a tuxedo that can be repurposed for everyday wear. With this in mind, if you plan to wear a tux for your wedding, it is often better to hire, unless you expect to attend events such as awards nights, premieres or charity dinners where a tux would be appropriate.


Why buy instead of hire?

It is common to spend large sums on a wedding gown, even though it can generally only be worn once. The groom’s clothing is quite different – it can often be included in a man’s everyday wardrobe, and mixed and matched to appear at any number of occasions. It’s worth considering ahead of time how you might wear your wedding clothes again – you might find it a far better spend to avoid renting, and instead invest in a few high quality pieces that you’ll wear again and again.


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