Our guide to the world of online shopping

Now that most retailers have an online presence, it’s easier than ever to purchase everything you need without leaving the comfort of home.
However, online shopping has downsides as well – particularly when it comes to apparel. Because you can’t try on items of clothing or even touch them online, it can be difficult to judge the fit, fabric, and craftsmanship of a garment. This can result in wasting time and money on ill-fitting or low-quality items.
Our online shopping guide is designed to help you avoid these issues and get the best possible results every time.

1: Sizes and measurements

When you’re shopping online, it’s essential to check the size chart for every item. Different countries, different brands, and even different clothing styles within the same range can have very different measurements, while still displaying the same size on the label.

This is also why accurate, up-to-date body measurements are so important. Measure your waist, chest, shoulders, and inseam with a flexible tailor’s measuring tape. Better yet, ask someone to help to ensure accuracy. Write your measurements down for reference.

The Nicholas Jermyn website offers a couple of ways to ensure you purchase a garment that fits perfectly. First, our garment measurements are consistent, so customers know exactly what they’re getting when they select a size. Second, your login site stores past orders, so you can check your current purchases against older ones if you’re unsure.

2: Be specific

Online shopping is simpler, and faster, when you’re searching for something specific. Narrow your search to one or two key items, and you’re more likely to be successful.

On our new site, you can narrow your search very easily: choose to filter by the fit, size, colour, collar, or style of cuff you’re looking for, and you won’t waste time browsing through irrelevant products.

3: Know your materials

Photography can be deceiving. Fabric that looks beautiful and luxurious in a photo can be thin, scratchy polyester in person. Always read the product description to find out what the item is actually made of.

On a basic level, look for descriptors such as 100% cotton, pure wool, and genuine leather. For more in-depth understanding of materials, it pays to visit a bricks-and-mortar store to touch and try types of cotton and get a feel for the difference between one and two-ply fabrics. There are, for example, over a dozen different types of material used for shirting alone.

4: Read the reviews

Many online stores give customers the opportunity to review products. As a shopper, these reviews can be an invaluable source of information to you, beyond the description provided by the retailer.

Take note when reviews mention thin fabric, cheap materials or poor workmanship. If you’re considering buying from a new retailer, reviews can also help you decide if garments run large, small, or true to size.

5: Returns and refunds

No matter how carefully you select your items, online shopping can end in disappointment. Fabric colours may look very different in person, a certain style may be unflattering, or you may simply change your mind.

Make sure you’re covered ahead of time by reading the store’s returns policy. Many online stores offer a set period of time for returns and exchanges, and some – including Nicholas Jermyn – even pay for shipping on returns.

6: Think about tailoring

Sometimes, a bit of tailoring can make all the difference. If you purchase a garment online and find that it’s high quality, beautifully made, but just a touch too long or large in some areas, paying for alterations may be worth your while.

Large scale alterations and work that involves delicate fabric can end up being expensive, but smaller, less complex jobs – such as shortening pants or taking in a jacket – can be surprisingly affordable.

7: Reliable retailers

Once you have been online shopping for a while, you will have some positive and negative experiences to draw from. Some retailers will offer prompt delivery, high-quality products, accurate sizing, and flawless service. Others will take weeks to dispatch your order, sell poorly made, ill-fitting products, and fail to respond to emails.

These experiences help you build a list of reliable, quality online retailers that you can trust. Returning to these trusted retailers means you’re more likely to get a good result the next time you buy online.

The new Nicholas Jermyn online store is designed to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible, with helpful tools to make searching easier, consistent sizing, free returns and – of course – our full range of impeccable, quality garments.

Visit the store now.