Packing for your next getaway

Pick the most stunning (and the warmest!) destination, book your flights and accommodation, and we’ll help you with the next task: what to pack in your suitcase.

Your own holiday capsule wardrobe

Think of your holiday clothes as a miniature capsule wardrobe. This will help you decide what to pack and, when you arrive, what to wear. Having classic pieces is always going to be the best bet as they’re tried and tested.
Go for paler shades and lighter materials. And add a pinch of bright colour, the main objective here is to make sure you feel cool, comfortable and stylish.


1. Basic t-shirts
In most cases the humble tee could be considered the backbone of your holiday look. Go for simple, understated styles in classic colours. Having a few t-shirts in white, navy and grey would be great as they are versatile and easy to match.
To make it a little bit more interesting, add one or two styles with a little bit of print. Think Breton stripes and simple schematic patterns.
2. Chinos
This casual cotton trouser style is considered an essential in a gentleman’s wardrobe due to its durability and versatility. When picking the right chinos for a holiday, go for a thin cotton and stick to simple colours like beige and navy.
3. Patterned shirts
Add some flavour to your holiday look by packing a couple of printed shirts in your suitcase. Stick to the classics and don’t go too crazy - a tasteful floral pattern is always a good nod to summer, and still very wearable. As are bright and light coloured checks. Try the lightweight Everett Check shirt or the Osborne Check shirt, and roll the sleeves up for a smart, summer look.
4. Shorts
When picking good shorts, follow the same rules as proper chinos - light fabrics, a simple style and neutral colours.
5. Unstructured Blazer
A perfect summer jacket might not have lining or shoulder pads, but it’s still got that feeling of relaxed formality - a great way to dress up for a party in a matter of seconds! When it comes to fabric, choose between cotton or linen.
6. Footwear
Flip-flops are great for the beach and a relaxed walk to the pool. And sandals are quite useful for holidays because you can walk around all day. Just make sure they’re supportive and have some structure. Go for simple styles without big logos.
If you don’t like having your feet exposed, shoes in something breathable, like canvas, are just as comfortable. Formal options - espadrilles, boat shoes or slip-on trainers - would work great with that summer blazer of yours.

Don’t forget:
7. Proper Luggage
If you're heading for a little break on the beach, a well-made weekend bag should be the first thing on your list. Pack efficiently and you could easily fit in all the essentials. And if your trip is for more than a few days, lucky you! Get a lightweight suitcase on wheels and you might as well just transfer the contents of your summer wardrobe into it.
8. Sunglasses
The right sunglasses might elevate the most casual look. Stick with the classics. A pair of Wayfarers won’t hurt, but if you’re into something a bit more interesting, go with a retro icon, like Keyhole Nose-style sunglasses.
9. Grooming products
Skincare is important. You don’t want to be breaking your routine whilst on holiday, especially as your skin will be under some harsh weather conditions. Pack your skincare along with deodorant and some good sunscreen. Don’t forget your hair products.
10. Something to swim in
Your boardies are allowed to be a bit more frivolous in style. Bright colours and ironic patterns (pineapples?) are not uncommon here.
11. Electronics
Finally, remember to pack all your gadgets. Your phone, camera, chargers, memory cards, batteries and headphones should all be on the checklist. Also, don’t forget a fully charged Kindle with your top five holiday reads on it.
Most importantly, leave your work laptop at home and set your emails to 'out of office'.
12. Documents
Being turned around right at the flight desk because you forgot your passport? Trust us, this can happen to anyone. Your boarding passes, your driver’s license, credit cards - make sure it’s all there. Without it, you won’t be getting very far!

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