Our Picks of the Best-Dressed Men of 2019

During the year we searched high and low for the most stylish men in the world. We observed, analysed and judged with our sartorial eye  from the street style gurus to conquerers of the red carpet, we are pleased to introduce this year's selection of best-dressed men.



#9 Stefano Pilati


Ex-creative director of the luxury menswear brand Ermenegildo Zegna, Stefano Pilati is rightfully considered as one of the masterminds behind the recent evolution of classic formalwear. With his influence, it is now changing from a very tailored (if not tight) uniform into a more relaxed and free-spirited version of formalwear. In his personal style as well, Stefano prefers a contemporary approach mixing classic tailoring with sports and casual wear, adding his very own air of nonchalant, relaxed style.



#8 John Cho


John Cho has a particularly 'cool young dad' vibe about him. Whether he’s wearing a structured coat with cropped trousers that show his bare ankles, a soft jersey two-piece suit paired with chunky white sneakers, or a sharp peak lapel suit and a plain tie, his style always appears simple, understated and tidy. We can relate to all the above because we're dads too, and easy, uncomplicated outfits means less time thinking about what to wear, more time having fun.


#7 Eddie Redmayne


The star of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and one of the most dapper gentlemen in Hollywood, Eddie Redmayne is nailing it on the formal tailoring front. Chunky structured herringbone overcoats, proper navy blazers with patch pockets; we even spotted some world class layering as well as a seamless mixing of patterns and textures - he seems to have found his own signature style and is demonstrating it well. The cherry on top is that the man loves his ties and pocket squares and that’s a big tick in our books.


#6 David Gandy


What most people say about British male model David Gandy, is that he always looks good in everything. Although, we think that the pieces he chooses to wear, are in fact considered, and carefully hand-picked by his personal stylist Joe Ottaway. 

He looks particularly good in a classic three-piece suit for instance. Or a military style casual jacket paired with a button-down shirt and a silk woven tie. Or a short suede jacket combined with a simple white t-shirt...we retract our previous statement, he does undoubtedly, look exceptional in everything.



#5 David Beckman

Former professional footballer

David Beckham has been around for a long time and his style has evolved considerably over the years. He's made some questionable sartorial choices in the past, most noticeably in the 90’s, although we've chosen not to judge. Fast forward to today, he is now one of Britain’s most popular icons and on top of that, simply a very dapper gentleman.

One of the things we admire in David is that he loves to experiment. And though his style is constantly maturing, we think that the tailored look is one look he does strikingly well. He rocks a grey double-breasted suit with a caramel turtleneck to match his suit’s buttons. And his summer beige blazer and navy trouser combo - is the perfect outfit for the races. Our favourite look is when he wore a light double-breasted suit with a rare two by one button closure paired with a simple white t-shirt and white sneakers. The man sure knows a thing or two about sartorial balance.


#4 Simon Porte Jacquemus


Simon Porte Jacquemus, one of the most trendy womenswear designers out there, just launched his first menswear collection. And we love everything about it -  the slouchy silhouettes, the sophisticated casual chic vibe. It is in a way, a representation of what the man himself prefers in his personal style - relaxed tailoring, pleated wide cropped trousers, oversized knitwear and perfectly imperfect styling - from the carelessly turned up sleeves of his raincoat worn over a simple suit to his own summer version of a parka jacket in beautiful cream cotton.


#3 Ryan Gosling


Looks, charisma, charm and style - is there anything Ryan Gosling doesn’t have? Here is an example of a man who truly has an effortless dress sense that never looks over styled or contrived.

His individualism has been demonstrated on a number of occasions, one notable instance, when he wore no tie to a black tie event, opting instead by buttoning up his stark white shirt and combining it with a shawl lapel dinner suit. Or when he made the book and glasses combo the hottest accessory of the season. We don’t quite know how he pulls it off, but we're glad he does, and does it well.


#2 Jeff Goldblum


Jeff Goldblum, since when did he become such a style guru? He is 67 years young and his outfits continuously hit a home run. He wears things that a man half his age might struggle to carry off!

A cream turtleneck with white jeans and a khaki suede jacket. Zebra pattern shoes, houndstooth pants, polka dot shirt and a crocodile skin pattern tie - all in one outfit? We can only dream about pulling this off, but Jeff does it all with ease. Even when he wears an all-black outfit, he plays it up with different kinds of fabric, subtle textures and thoughtful layering. Our hats go off to him.


#1 Taika Waititi

National treasure

We know, we're biased. But it’s our list. And we'll do what we want. Last but not least, we congratulate you, Taika Waititi! You are one of the coolest, funniest and nicest guys out there. We are proud to call you one of our own and love everything about you and your style - the pineapple jumpsuits, your shiny white sneakers and how gracefully you carry yourself around the red carpet!