True quality is in the detail

Perfection never stops.
Nicholas Jermyn new collection shirts include designs that are even more durable and versatile. It is part of our quest to continue delivering garments with our no-compromise, signature tailoring and luxurious detailing – refined, modern shirts that stay looking good for longer.
Here is what you can expect when you make your shirt selection this season.

1.  Closer stitching

Stitching now sits within two millimetres of the edge of the shirt. This level of detail and finishing is a hallmark of tailoring craftsmanship, and presents a neater, more sophisticated look.

2.  Cuff detailing

Single-cuff shirts are now finished with rounded cuffs. Without corners, rounded cuffs are not exposed to the wear of square cuffs, maintaining a tidy, professional look for longer. This is our cleanest cuff finish yet, with an additional button giving the option of wearing the cuff closer to the wrist, and an extra gauntlet button securing the sleeve flap.

3.  Gussets

Gussets in all our new season shirts provide additional strength and integrity at the side seams, reducing wear stress and tearing.

4.  Button shanking

All buttons on our new collection shirts are shanked by hand. This time-consuming process strengthens the button’s attachment, with circles of additional thread around the stitching. This delivers a tighter-fitting button that holds firm, is more durable, and less stressed with long-term wear.

5.  Buttonhole stitching

The buttonhole stitching is now much tighter, stronger and more durable with a neat, luxurious finish. This closer, precision stitching requires more focussed sewing time – an example of the value we place on the highest quality tailoring.


6.  Colour scheme and design

New season colours – a range of timeless hues continue our tradition for luxury and tasteful styling.
Warm tones work for both spring and summer, with fine cotton giving an elegant, premium look. Each colour has been carefully selected to blend seamlessly with your existing wardrobe, complementing classic suiting in charcoal, grey, navy, light blue and brown.


7.  Single side stitching

Single side stitching (also called chain stitching) replaces double stitching for a neater, tidier seam and a subtle statement of style. Single side stitching takes longer than double stitching and is therefore reserved for shirts of the highest quality.  

8.  'N' embroidered at the last button

An elegant, embroidered ‘N’ in our signature blue at the last button is a bespoke feature – a signal of quality and a subtle nod to our heritage.


 9.  No placket

Our new collection shirts have no front placket – the double layers of fabric that hold the buttons and the buttonholes –  for a sleek, premium aesthetic.