Nicholas Jermyn Man Makeover 2018

A high point after a hard year

Talking to Man Makeover winner Jonah


For Jonah, winner of our recent Man Makeover competition, getting a new look was more than just a bit of fun – it marked a turning point after an incredibly tough year.

Nicholas Jermyn’s head stylist, Vlad Tichen, helped Jonah overhaul his wardrobe and revamp his look, giving him a much needed confidence boost. As a bonus, the prize also involved treats and a night out with Jonah’s partner Delia, who has been at his side throughout the year.

“It's been a nice little way to bookend one era, and the start of another. It really resonated with me because it has been such a terrible year.” – Jonah 

Minor fall, major consequences

Jonah’s year started with a fall. An avid mountain biker, he was riding a trail in Ohakune when he came off his bike and hit his head leaving him unconscious. It took him a month to recover from the accident – and three months to get back to full capacity.

“I was out of action all of a sudden, and that was really hard on the team at work and super stressful – it could not have been a worse time to be unable to help. It put the family under heaps of pressure and for me, a lot of personal financial pressure.”

A new look for a new year

For Jonah, winning the Man Makeover competition was a positive after a year of negatives. He had a styling session with Vlad Tichen, got a haircut and personal grooming, and debuted his new look at dinner with partner Delia.

Vlad did his homework before Jonah arrived, looking into his work life, figuring out his skin tone and body type, and seeking out a range of smart-casual looks that would accomodate different work situations.

Vlad explained: “Every day he meets different people – top managers, government officials, the owners of small businesses, creatives. Circulating in such a dynamic work environment, Jonah needs to look professional and relaxed at the same time. As for his clothes, they must be versatile, comfortable, sophisticated, but not too corporate.”

During the styling session, he set Jonah up with the basis for a simple, smart-casual wardrobe to suit his busy, varied work day. This included chinos, formal trousers, shirts in complementary colours, a versatile blazer, knitwear, and smart accessories – belts, shoes and a subtle pocket square. Because all the pieces were chosen to work together, Jonah ended up with a number of simple, stylish options – from a formal meeting outfit to a casual Friday look.

After the makeover, he and Delia were treated to an upscale dinner at Mr Tom’s in Ponsonby. Jonah loved that his partner got to enjoy the prize as well – as the previous year had been tough on her too.

“It was so nice that she was part of the process. They got her a big bunch of roses and looked after her.”

Ready for the next challenge

Jonah should now be able to expand his wardrobe more easily – he knows what suits him, and because all the new pieces work together, he can simply buy clothing in similar styles and colour palettes.

The makeover felt like a turning point, and his refreshed style has given Jonah a new outlook going forward.

He puts it like this: “It was a really good experience, an awesome crew and it was very good from start to finish. They’re a family-owned business and were just wanting it to be a good experience – they went the extra mile. That was so great.”

With thanks to: Jonah and Delia, The Man Makeover team: Stylist Vlad Tichen, Videographer Tori Hayley, BTS Photographer Cindy Leong, Mr Toms Ponsonby, Room 104, About Face and Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers. 

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